4 Simple Texas Hold’em Tips for Low Stakes Games

Texas Hold’em is the most popular and lucrative of all poker variants. But becoming a consistent cash game winner is not easy. It takes hard work, study and adapting to opponents. In this post, we’re going to provide some very simple and easy to use tips that can be used for low stakes cash games online.

1) Play Solid Hands – Throw Away the Junk!

This concept seems lost on a lot of losing players. The reality is that you have to stick to solid starting hands to win at poker. Only a few experts can play loosely and make it work for them. For the rest of the winning players, it’s about careful hand selection. Have you ever wanted to figure out how many hand combinations there are? Input them into a poker spreadsheet and see how many are worth playing. You’ll be surprised how few hands are worth investing cash in!

2) Raise When You Enter the Pot

If you want to give yourself a chance of winning it before the flop or on the flop, it needs to begin with a raise. Cut out the open calling and raise if you want to play. The beauty of raising before the flop is that you may even win it without contention. You don’t need to make large raises, a simply 3x the big blind is sufficient. It tells your opponents you mean business and like your hand. This strategy should be used in both online and casino poker tables.

3) 3 Bet the Regulars

The regulars are the players you hate that are there grinding away. These players make most of their money be exploiting weak and inferior opponents. To counter their strategy, it’s a good idea to mix in some 3 betting against them. This removes their aggression and puts them on the backfoot. The best times to do this is when they are opening in late position (when they have a wider range). They will fold a good amount here but if not, don’t be afraid to fire a bet on the flop if it’s dry (disconnected).

4) Bet the Turn More

I notice many players check back too many turn cards. The turn is a great moment in many hands to win it there with a stab or charge opponents to draw. Pot control is an important concept but it’s over-used by many low stake’s players. If your opponent is unlikely to check raise the turn and likely to be holding weaker, you need to force the pot and make a bet. Depending on the texture, you can bet anywhere between 55%and 75% of the pot.