Can a Zig Zag Pattern Help You Beat the Odds?

The Zig Zag slot machine system, like many other urban legends, is touted by all kinds of “slots and gambling experts”. Most of them want to make money by selling you a dream, a fantasy that you can somehow beat the house edge. But please understand that there are no “professional” slot machine players, and the house advantage is a mathematical fact that can’t be overcome.

The name “zigzag” describes the pattern of symbols people look for on a slot machines. Supposedly if the correct zig zag pattern appears, you know the machine is ready to pay money.

This system requires a player to study a casino’s slot machines before playing. You then “cherry pick” the machines which are ready to pay off.


How the Zig Zag Strategy “Works”

The Zig Zag method calls for players to find machines displaying certain reel patterns. If the same winning symbol shows up on all three reels, the machine is supposed to be ready to pay off.

Keep in mind that in the zig zag you always are looking for multiple similar symbols to appear on a screen at the same time.

For example, if on a three reel machine, you see all three three-bar symbols on display, you might have a winner. If two three-bar symbols are on a payline and the third is showing, a classic zig zag pattern is formed. The zig zag proponents claim that these symbols will line up soon, and therefore you should play the machine until a match is made.

There are several different zig zag patterns. The v-pattern is the one I just described. The classic zig zag pattern involves a diagonal line, moving either from the top right to the bottom left or the top left moving to the bottom right of the screen.

The best pattern is the “diamond”. This one requires the same symbol to appear on the payline of the first and third reel, along with a matching symbol both above and below the payline on the second reel. This would form a rough diamond shape, which gives the pattern its name.

Because these symbols are beginning to group together, zig zag proponents believe those symbols will soon align along the paylines. This system does not assure you of a win, but it is supposed to increase your odds of hitting a big jackpot in the near future.

Why Zig Zag Patterns Don’t Work

The zig zag strategy does not work. Ask anyone who really understands slots, like someone in the industry. A slot machine technician will usually tell you that this doesn’t work, and so will any of the more legitimate gambling writers.

Random number generators simply don’t work the way the zig zag predicts it will. Each spin of the reels is entirely separate from all the other spins. Therefore, when the symbols appear near one another on a machine’s display, there is no indication that the reel will soon align.

The zig zag method does not increase your winning percentages. Yes, you should be selective about which machines you play, but zigzag patterns are a complete non-factor in that decision.

Pick a slot machine based on what your goals are for the gambling session. If you’re looking for a lot of excitement and frequent small wins, play a low jackpot machine. On the other hand, if you don’t mind being patient and you’re interested in a life-changing jackpot, go for one of the progressive machines.