An Overview of Online Casino Software

The gambling industry underwent a complete revolution with the arrival of the Internet. The first online casino came into existence, and that opened the floodgates for hundreds of online casinos to vie for supremacy and player appreciation. The popularity of the online casino was, in hindsight, inevitable given the numerous advantages it offers players compared to the traditional land-based casino.

Now, players could play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes and enjoy fastest paying Online Casinos available today. There were other significant advantages too:

  • A large bouquet of games to choose from
  • Multi-table play
  • Excellent customer support
  • Exciting bonuses to spice up the game

The main driver behind the success of an online casino is the software that powers it. The software determines the number of games on offer and a host of other features, including the live chat feature for customer support, multi-table play, the ability to track game and transaction history, and much more.  So where did it all start? Who were the first software providers? We take a look at all of this and also outline some of the main software providers around today in this article.Read More

How To Find The Best Online Casino?

In the latest years, we have seen a truly explosion of online casinos thanks to the development of internet and the arrival of smartphones and tablets. More and more people have started to gamble online instead of physically going to land-based casinos. As a result, the industry has grown massively and now there are thousands of online casino brands with new entrants that are coming to the market every day. With the landscape being so competitive, players are benefitting from very generous offers as companies are fighting to acquire new players and retain the loyal customers. So although it is mostly positive that there are so many online casinos, it could be a bit confusing for a beginner to find a reputable operator that match the taste in terms of games available.

To help in this search there are many portals that do analyse the pros and cons of the thousands of casinos available and rank them. One of the most known in the UK is CasinoBiggestBonus : they have a team of experienced players that do test the casino accurately and only list the ones that are able to pass some very stringent criteria. In addition to the editorial ranking the site also allow every player to rank the casino based on the personal experience. This means that for each casino you will find a total ranking which reflects both the editorial team experience and also the users view.Read More

Tips on choosing the best online casino

There are times when visiting the land-based casino is just a hassle and all we want is convenience, the type of convenience that is provided for by online casinos. When we find ourselves in such a scenario, it’s likely that we visit the internet to check for an online casino to play at and we mostly aim for that one that promises a hefty bonus as a welcome package. Though we may find that all the online casinos we visit offer these lucrative welcome bonuses, it’s not all of them that are genuine and that stick to what they say, some change ‘goalposts’ as soon as you are about to claim your money, therefore, it’s imperative that we diligently research and play at the good online casinos such as over just settling for the very first online casino that pops up from Google’s search results.


In order to play at the right casino, it’s important that you pay particular attention to the location of the casino. When you view the homepage of the online casino you need to scroll down to the foot of the page and check where the casino’s headquarters or offices are located in. there are generally countries that you should be comfortable with if they are listed down there such as the UK, Canada, Malta, Gibraltar, and Macau but if for some reason, the online casino is located in other countries, it means you have to do extra research to determine its authenticity. For instance, if a casino is located in the US, it may be genuine and it also maybe unscrupulous, the reason being the US has distinct online gambling laws from state to state therefore you have to research further to know if the online casino is located in a state that permits online gambling or not.Read More

Casino industry news for 2018

For those of you who love visiting the real-life casinos of iconic destinations like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, as well as online casinos like Caesars casino online, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest news, events and trends impacting the industry. Today we’re briefly running through some of the biggest headlines seen so far in 2018…

Modest growth predicted for casino industry in 2018

Gaming markets across the world are expected to experience moderate growth over the course of the year, according to a recent report released by credit-ratings agency, Fitch Ratings. Strong economies will sustain the majority of gambling jurisdictions, although some might have growth dampened by leverage and regulatory risks. The report highlighted some potential bumps in the road for the industry, including a potential crackdown in the UK on fixed-odds betting terminals, and the casino market in the north east of the USA being close to saturation point, which could be bad news for two new establishments opening in Boston, and another in Connecticut in 2018.Read More

Online vs. Live Craps

With the rise of online casinos, traditional craps players are discovering the allure of playing craps online as opposed to playing in brick and mortar casinos. In fact, playing craps in an online casino offers many advantages over playing in a live one. This article will discuss some of the common benefits.Read More

4 ways of enjoying online casino games on a budget

If online casino gambling is one of your guilty pleasures, you are likely to find yourself over indulging on certain occasions.  When your finances are running low, an alternative to putting your hobby on hold is to find a way of playing on a budget. Here are four basic tips by Casinopedia for Casinos that will help you enjoy gaming while you’re going through a financial slump.

Maintain a budget

Budgeting money is not always a simple thing to do especially when gambling, but it can never be emphasized enough. Sometimes the thrill and enjoyment of casino games supersedes your financial capability. When this happens you may end up spending money that wasn’t intended for gambling activities. To curb this problem you simply require a structured break down of how much you intend to spend and how much you are willing to lose during any given gambling session. Once you create a budget and follow it to the letter, you reduce your chances of self harm. The key to managing this kind of budget is to only commit funds that you are willing to lose and avoid borrowing if you surpass your budget limit.Read More