Roulette Tips

Of the casino games commonly available to players, roulette is often one of the most misunderstood, especially with its many betting options and associated odds. Hoping to shed some light on the game, here are some tips and strategies to improve your roulette experience.

Avoid an Online Casino’s Five-Numbered Bets

The five-number bet in roulette is made in the hopes that the ball will land on any of 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3 (these are always the numbers used in a five-number bet). The five-number bet can only be made using an American style wheel, as European style roulette wheels do not include 00.

The reason that the five-number bet should be avoided is simple math: Online casinos only offer a payout of 6 to 1 for a win. As you are betting on 5 numbers, the return on a 6 to 1 bet would be 1.2 to 1, and that is only if you win.

For example, if you bet $1 on each of the five numbers, and win, the online casino will pay out $6 for your initial $5. Based on the probabilities, all other bets are more worthwhile.

Most online casino experts suggest steering clear of it.Read More

Top 5 roulette strategies

Millions of players worldwide play roulette online because it is much more convenient than going to the casino, and this also lets them test out certain strategies to try and beat the casino. There are strategies that work, but they don’t necessarily work all the time which is why it is more or less impossible to guarantee a return from any strategy that is used. Many people claim to have come up with a way to beat online casinos but there isn’t sufficient enough proof to make their claims true. If you are interested in getting to know more about these strategies, have a look at 5 of the most popular strategies used in roulette games today:


  • Martingale – The Martingale system will always be one of the most popular strategies out there thanks to its simplicity and ease of integration into not just roulette but many other gambling formats. By simply double the stake if the bet loses will ensure a profit when a bet eventually wins if it offers odds of evens or more. It’s a great strategy that works, but people have lost a lot of money for returns that are so small.
  • Paroli – The Paroli system works in the same way as the martingale system except you double up on winners instead of losers. It’s important to note that whilst this system does have its winning advantages, it’s always important to decide on how many times you want to double up on a win because eventually you will lose – so it’s best to walk away before you lose.
  • D’Alembert – Most systems used in roulette are more or less based off the popular martingale system but with a twist. The D’Alembert system was introduced because you would normally get a good win streak just as much as getting a bad losing streak. The player would instead of doubling their money on a bet that loses they would just increase the bet by one unit, and if their bet wins they would decrease their bet by one unit.
  • Fibonacci – This is another version of the martingale system but a much slower one in terms of getting back your losses. Instead of doubling your money at every loss, you would simply add the two previous stakes together and then stake that amount, so for example, you lose your first bet with a unit of 1, you then lose your next bet with a unit of one, you then stake your next bet with a unit of 2 (adding both of the previous together) and if you lose that bet you would then stake 3 units, and then 5 units etc. This is an event bet strategy and as you can probably tell, it isn’t always going to give you winnings but every time you restart the sequence you should eventually come out on top.
  • 35 number strategy – Using the 35 number strategy is a high risk bet and isn’t for the fainthearted as it requires a big stake for very little returns. Of course, the chances of winning are very high but it’s still not a recommended system. This strategy would require the player to cover 35 of the possible 37 numbers on the table with a unit of one (or higher if you don’t mind the risk). This would mean if you covered all numbers on the tablet apart from 0 and 1, then as long as you miss these numbers at every turn you will make a profit of one unit each bet – but of course you will lose 35 units if the ball landed on any of those numbers.

These are just a few of the hundreds of different strategies players employ to try and beat the casino and there are many others out there that claim to be able to offer a winning strategy. If you want to practise your own strategy, always make sure you do it on a practise table where you don’t lose anything.

Using Odds in Your favor to beat Roulette

Roulette is one of many games where winning and losing is down to pure chance and luck. Whilst card games often have a huge element of strategy to them there is no way that you can influence where the roulette ball will fall. You make your wagers ahead of spinning the wheel and, if you’re lucky, you get a good outcome. However, whilst this chance aspect could work against the game, it has actually made it one of the truly loved casino games, as you really are putting your hands into fate and hoping for a lucky streak.

Strategies for Beating Roulette

There are no real strategies for beating roulette and you should not consider advice or books which promise to unveil a true way of winning the game with strategy. The best way to pull the odds in your favor is use to common sense with your wagers, using a variety of low and high risk bets so that you make some money whilst not losing your entire bankroll in a few swift moves.


Using European Version’s to Increase Odds

One particular way in which you can bring odds in your favor is by utilizing the European version of roulette if it’s possible. The wheels are slightly different here, with Europe only using one zero which actually decreases the house advantage by just over 50per cent. This means that you have more advantage of winning, and whilst the advantage may be small, any extra benefit is of great use.Read More