How to Pay With Your Phone And Keep Spinning

Mobile gaming is taking over in the gambling industry, and mobile casinos are becoming much more common as people realise just how convenient and fun these sites can be to play at. Not only can you now play on your mobile phone, but you can also make your deposits using this device, meaning that you don’t have to worry about always having your purse handy.

Here, we are going to look at Pay By Phone technology and discuss how it can keep you spinning. Keep reading to find out more about this deposit method!

What Is Pay By Phone?

The technology has been around for a while now but 2019 seems to be the year that it is really starting to catch on. If you do not know already, Pay By Phone is a system that allows players to simply make a deposit on a casino site using their mobile phone number. This reduces the need for adding bank details or password protected accounts to casino sites and it can be very quick and efficient as a deposit method.

How Do You Pay By Phone?

Using Pay By Phone is really simple and this is why it has really been gaining popularity lately. All you need to do is enter your mobile phone number in the cashier at the casino site and decide how much you want to deposit. You will then get a text message with a code that you will need to enter into the cashier to confirm the deposit – simple!

Your deposits will then be added to your monthly phone bill which you will be expected to pay as normal by your phone provider. All your deposits will be itemised within the bill (subject to itemisation being something your provider offers) and you may find this a helpful way of monitoring your spending.

Why Try This?

There are many reasons to try Pay By Phone including the fact that it really is much more convenient. Why would you want to enter your bank card details every time you want to make a deposit? You are already using your phone for mobile gaming so why not have everything in one place, no more CSV codes. You can easily get back to spinning and enjoying the casino site without delay.

When you use Pay By Phone to pay for casino games such as the ones here, you will also find that it can be more secure than other methods. Casinos sites that are properly licensed and regulated are generally extremely secure, but there are inherent risks (not at all specific to casinos) when it comes to entering your card details online at any website – pay by phone eliminates this risk.

Finally, you will find that all responsible casinos allow you to utilise deposit limit features to make sure that you are staying in control of your money. This means that you won’t deposit more than you can afford, and you can keep spinning for longer.

The downside?

One much talked about downside to using pay by phone technology is the fact that this method cannot be used to process withdrawals. If you think about it, you cannot really put money onto your phone bill, can you? But this is not really something to get too worked up about – if you win, you can withdraw the money to a different banking method.

Final Verdict

Pay By Phone is a great new deposit method that we think you will love, but as always, when gambling be sure to know your limits and stay safe.