Online vs. Live Craps

With the rise of online casinos, traditional craps players are discovering the allure of playing craps online as opposed to playing in brick and mortar casinos. In fact, playing craps in an online casino offers many advantages over playing in a live one. This article will discuss some of the common benefits.

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Online Casino Craps Offer a Different Atmosphere

One of the biggest draws to craps in a live environment as opposed to an online casino is the excitement and energy given off by the atmosphere, table and players. Players get excited, there is a sense of camaraderie and even the flashing lights and loud noise can add to the game. These things come at a price, however. With camaraderie comes peer pressure, with flashing lights there is disorientation. In short, a chaotic atmosphere is not necessarily what is best for a player using real money, and an online casino environment can offer a solution.

While some players prefer this kind of environment, others will appreciate an online casino making it possible for a player  to wear their most comfortable clothes and drink their favorite beverage, all without having to keep up appearances or play at anyone else’s pace but their own.

Online Casino Craps Benefit New Players

With this change in atmosphere, new players will have a much easier time learning craps in an online casino. If the online casino game becomes confusing, it is quick and convenient to take a break and read a few strategy articles. For beginning players, many free versions of online casino games are available to practice on before playing real money. Try finding that in a live casino!

Playing Online Casino Craps is Convenient

Whether you have all night, or simply an hour here and there in the course of your day, playing at an online casino can be much more convenient than live. Visiting a brick and mortar casino will often involve extensive driving and not to mention a possible hotel stay, meaning that trips are few and far between. Often, the difference between being a novice and a pro is simply the time spent practicing. An online casino makes gaining that skill easier than ever.

Online Casino Craps can save your Bankroll

The relaxed atmosphere available from online casinos can greatly increase betting strategy while minimizing bad plays resulted from heightened emotions. In an live building, as opposed to online casino, especially in the case of craps where many people bet on the results of one pair of thrown dice, there is a lot of pressure to make large bets, and perhaps play looser than you are comfortable. In an online casino, these factors don’t come into play at all.

Another significant difference between live and online casinos is the use of chips. In a live casino, your money is converted into multicolored chips, which make it easy to forget that they represent real money. In an online casino, your bankroll and any bets made are always displayed as clearly defined amounts, helping to prevent a player from forgetting that their bankroll is a real thing.