Can a Zig Zag Pattern Help You Beat the Odds?

The Zig Zag slot machine system, like many other urban legends, is touted by all kinds of “slots and gambling experts”. Most of them want to make money by selling you a dream, a fantasy that you can somehow beat the house edge. But please understand that there are no “professional” slot machine players, and the house advantage is a mathematical fact that can’t be overcome.

The name “zigzag” describes the pattern of symbols people look for on a slot machines. Supposedly if the correct zig zag pattern appears, you know the machine is ready to pay money.

This system requires a player to study a casino’s slot machines before playing. You then “cherry pick” the machines which are ready to pay off.


How the Zig Zag Strategy “Works”

The Zig Zag method calls for players to find machines displaying certain reel patterns. If the same winning symbol shows up on all three reels, the machine is supposed to be ready to pay off.

Keep in mind that in the zig zag you always are looking for multiple similar symbols to appear on a screen at the same time.Read More

Popular slot machines

With slot machines almost anything goes. You would be amazed at some of the games that are being offered these days, and you would be equally surprised to find out how popular many of them are as well. What might seem like an incredibly dumb or out of place idea, or even a theme that has long gone out of its prime has led to big success in the slot machine gaming world. Consider the fact that the Holy Grail game from Monty Python has gotten a lot of attention and this is a concept that we haven’t seen in years. However, even though it is nearing its 40th anniversary this does not mean that they are not still incredibly popular and they come in at 10th place on the list.


The Price is Right is another slot machine that is incredibly popular, yet most people stopped watching the show years go.   How funny! That doesn’t stop it from coming in at 9th! Another one still popular and coming in at 8th place is the Lord of the Rings. This one is destined to always be in a good place on the list as it still has legions of fans that recognize the brand. In 7th place we have basically anything that has anything to do with Marvel. These superheroes are still popular and do not show any signs of not being any time soon. Sixth place goes to Rocky of all things, for most people if not old enough to have seen the original movies should not have a connection to it. Coming in 5th place is The Hangover, which is not surprising considering that there is a large push of an audience that loves the movie and the second one just came out this past summer.

Coming in 4th is the Deal or No Deal which is just as popular as an arcade game as it is as a slot machine. Third place goes to Star Trek – another timeless sort of theme for gamers. Second place goes to Monopoly – a game that has been around longer than most of the gamers out there, and finally first place goes to the Wheel of Fortune. This game is not just popular because people like the game, but rather because of the big pay outs that can come from it.

Top 5 roulette strategies

Millions of players worldwide play roulette online because it is much more convenient than going to the casino, and this also lets them test out certain strategies to try and beat the casino. There are strategies that work, but they don’t necessarily work all the time which is why it is more or less impossible to guarantee a return from any strategy that is used. Many people claim to have come up with a way to beat online casinos but there isn’t sufficient enough proof to make their claims true. If you are interested in getting to know more about these strategies, have a look at 5 of the most popular strategies used in roulette games today:


  • Martingale – The Martingale system will always be one of the most popular strategies out there thanks to its simplicity and ease of integration into not just roulette but many other gambling formats. By simply double the stake if the bet loses will ensure a profit when a bet eventually wins if it offers odds of evens or more. It’s a great strategy that works, but people have lost a lot of money for returns that are so small.
  • Paroli – The Paroli system works in the same way as the martingale system except you double up on winners instead of losers. It’s important to note that whilst this system does have its winning advantages, it’s always important to decide on how many times you want to double up on a win because eventually you will lose – so it’s best to walk away before you lose.
  • D’Alembert – Most systems used in roulette are more or less based off the popular martingale system but with a twist. The D’Alembert system was introduced because you would normally get a good win streak just as much as getting a bad losing streak. The player would instead of doubling their money on a bet that loses they would just increase the bet by one unit, and if their bet wins they would decrease their bet by one unit.
  • Fibonacci – This is another version of the martingale system but a much slower one in terms of getting back your losses. Instead of doubling your money at every loss, you would simply add the two previous stakes together and then stake that amount, so for example, you lose your first bet with a unit of 1, you then lose your next bet with a unit of one, you then stake your next bet with a unit of 2 (adding both of the previous together) and if you lose that bet you would then stake 3 units, and then 5 units etc. This is an event bet strategy and as you can probably tell, it isn’t always going to give you winnings but every time you restart the sequence you should eventually come out on top.
  • 35 number strategy – Using the 35 number strategy is a high risk bet and isn’t for the fainthearted as it requires a big stake for very little returns. Of course, the chances of winning are very high but it’s still not a recommended system. This strategy would require the player to cover 35 of the possible 37 numbers on the table with a unit of one (or higher if you don’t mind the risk). This would mean if you covered all numbers on the tablet apart from 0 and 1, then as long as you miss these numbers at every turn you will make a profit of one unit each bet – but of course you will lose 35 units if the ball landed on any of those numbers.

These are just a few of the hundreds of different strategies players employ to try and beat the casino and there are many others out there that claim to be able to offer a winning strategy. If you want to practise your own strategy, always make sure you do it on a practise table where you don’t lose anything.

Inducing Bets on the River

One key to becoming a winning limit hold’ em player is the ability to maximize the value of your winning hands while minimizing the losses of your second-best hands, and one great way to accomplish this is to be able to induce bets on the river by second best hands. Here’s an example of a hand that I was in during a 6-12 limit hold’ em game that really shows the point that I am trying to make.

I am in the big blind with the Jh-10c, there are two limpers, one a fairly weak, yet somewhat experience player in middle position, and the other a rather experienced aggressive player who is one off the button, and myself. We take a flop of Kh-Qd-4h, now normally I would semi-bluff my open-ended straight draw in this situation, but instead I simply check due to the fact that I usually do not like to semi-bluff smaller pots especially in bad position. Add to that the probability that the flop had to of hit one of the other two players with the Kh-Qd on board I do not want to bet and then face a raise behind me. The first limper also checks and the aggressive player bets. I then call the bet and the first limper calls as well.


The turn brings the Qh which although brings me the second nut flush draw as well as the straight draw brings the possibility that even if I make one of my two hands, they could be dead to a full-house, and I once again check with the intention of folding to a bet, however the two other players in the hand check behind me and give me a free look at the river..Read More

Online Poker vs. Casino Poker

If you’re a fan of poker then no doubt you’ve played the game in a home setting at the very minimum. Playing a social game, or heading to your local casino and enjoying the table games competitive nature is a great way to not just enjoy yourself but make money too. With the online poker industry looking to grow significantly in 2011 as regulations around the world are relaxed, an entirely new area of online poker may open up for you. And there are many benefits to being able to play this popular card game online.

Online Poker Benefits

Unsurprisingly, one of the largest benefits of online poker is that you can play from your own home and at your convenience. Rather than having to actually go to your local casino and play at the times they’re available, online poker allows you to play around the clock if you wish. Even if you regularly invite friends around to play, you’ll now be able to play them online as well, allowing you to connect with friends around the world.Read More

Top tips for winning with Video Poker

Video poker is an increasingly popular way of playing poker through real life slots and online casinos. Adapted for the solo play environment, the game has a variety of tricks on offer which you can use to maximize your profit and ensure that you don’t lose too much money whilst enjoying this form of entertainment. And if you want to play safely in the knowledge that you’re doing everything possible to win, then there are some important ideas you need to remember.

Learn Video Poker

As with all games, the most important aspect of playing is that you need to know how to play. You’ll make more errors and lose the most if you simply start playing and don’t have any knowledge of the game itself. Learn the rules, practice through free websites or with casino deposit bonuses, and ensure that you are thoroughly at ease playing the game and using the software before you start dropping big bucks.

Minimize Your Errors

Winning when paying video poker is not necessarily about always gaining payouts, but by reducing the number of errors you make. Your bankroll can quickly become diminished if you consistently make mistakes. And these mistakes are the most costly of any online video poker loss because they could have easily been avoided if you’d been careful in the first place.

Play at Casinos with High Payback Rates

Ultimately, you are playing for real money, so no matter how stunning the graphics are, how engaging the music is, or how modern and fun the interface is, don’t be swayed to play at establishments which don’t offer good payback rates. Many online casinos won’t even offer 100% payback rates and, if is this is the case, do not play on the website. Instead, look at a variety of venues and choose the one with the highest odds of gaining good results.

Be Cautious and Watch Your Bankroll

It is important when playing video poker that you slow your game so that you can make considered choices whilst also keeping your bankroll in mind. Don’t start using maximum betting if your bankroll is small as you’ll find that your money is gone in no time at all. Instead, slow your game, use smaller bets, and enjoy online video poker for a longer period of play where you can make a small but steady number of wins to actually create profit from your poker game.