Slot categories explained

Reel Slots

These are the casino games where the symbols actually appear on reels that spin when you pull the lever or press the start button. Online, these are the games with three reels. Either way, they come in a couple of different flavors . . .

There are what i call “classic slots” where there is a single payline across the center of the slot, and playing more than one coin at a time lights up a different paytable. These are usually two or three coin machines.

Then, there are multiline slots. On these machines there are three or five paylines, and it takes one coin to activate one payline. So, if you’re playing a three line slot, to activate all three paylines costs a wager of three coins.

Video Slots

Video slot machines are the games at the casinos that have the television/computer screens with the symbols displayed on them, instead of on reels. Usually these games have five reels, but sometimes they have more and these machines often have a lot of paylines.

Video slots are where the slot game makers really open things up. With the computer screen available, they often add bonus games, extra animation, and other features. If you like bells and whistles, these are the machines for you.

Video Slots – Eight Liners

This is a particular type of video slot where instead of having five or more reels that are three symbols tall, they have 9 independent reels in the shape of a box. Winning combinations can be landed the same way you can make tic-tac-toe. These slots are unique enough to warrant their own subcategory in the Video Slots section.

Video Slots – Bonus Screen

The video screen of these slots opens them up to all kinds of computer-driven bonus games, and some of them are just plain entertaining. They range from “pick’em” games to game show simulations to free spin sessions to who knows what they’ll dream up next. I recently added this section to the video slots category, and realized that i probably should have added it to the reel slots section as well. What can i say, no one’s perfect. But, if these “games within a game” are one of the reasons you like to play slots, the slots in this section are worth browsing through.

Fruit Machines

These are feature-filled games where the slots are almost a front for the many bonus games you’ll find inside. One slot I played had 10 different bonus features/games that you could unlock in a myriad of ways. These machines are plentiful on the net, you won´t have any problems finding them.

Progressive Jackpot Games

These are the “big winner” games. They come in a variety of styles, but the common denominator is that they take a portion of the amount wagered on each spin, and add it to the jackpot pool. The more times people spin the reels on this machine, the faster the jackpot grows.

Slots of the same name are tied together, so spins on any Cash Splash machine on the internet will add to the overall Cash Splash jackpot total.

These slots come in all styles, so you can find three-reel classic slots with progressive jackpots, or video slots with bonus games that also have a progressive jackpot.  You’ll have to dig a little through the games in this category to find the one in the style you like most.