Using Odds in Your favor to beat Roulette

Roulette is one of many games where winning and losing is down to pure chance and luck. Whilst card games often have a huge element of strategy to them there is no way that you can influence where the roulette ball will fall. You make your wagers ahead of spinning the wheel and, if you’re lucky, you get a good outcome. However, whilst this chance aspect could work against the game, it has actually made it one of the truly loved casino games, as you really are putting your hands into fate and hoping for a lucky streak.

Strategies for Beating Roulette

There are no real strategies for beating roulette and you should not consider advice or books which promise to unveil a true way of winning the game with strategy. The best way to pull the odds in your favor is use to common sense with your wagers, using a variety of low and high risk bets so that you make some money whilst not losing your entire bankroll in a few swift moves.


Using European Version’s to Increase Odds

One particular way in which you can bring odds in your favor is by utilizing the European version of roulette if it’s possible. The wheels are slightly different here, with Europe only using one zero which actually decreases the house advantage by just over 50per cent. This means that you have more advantage of winning, and whilst the advantage may be small, any extra benefit is of great use.

Wagering to Your Advantage

Another way to help pull the odds slightly in your favor is to make bets with odds which have similar payouts. Whilst this will not see you winning any huge jackpots, you will be able to grow your profit steadily. By betting on 1:1 odds such as black/red, odd/even, numbers 1 – 18 or numbers 19 – 36 you can ensure that the chance of winning is just under 50per cent. Whilst this betting strategy may not be the most exciting, it will allow you as much advantage as possible. And though you won’t be rich quick, you certainly won’t see a significant loss either.